Smoke Ventilation Solutions

The purpose of smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) systems is to lead smoke and heat out of a burning building, whilst keeping escape corridors and stairs free of smoke for the escape of the buildings occupants, and, to allow access for fire fighters.

Of fire related fatalities:- “91% of fatalities are caused by smoke poisoning from fires within buildings

Alliance Aircon smoke ventilation system has the effect of increasing the escape time for the buildings' occupants, thus potentially saving their lives.

Natural smoke ventilation relies on the buoyancy of hot gases. As smoke rises, it can be exhausted from the building by opening vents automatically. The risk of rising smoke, toxic gases and heat exhaust is drawn off into the open through the smoke vents, so that escape and rescue routes remain passable.

The timing for opening all of the vents is of great importance in order to enable people to escape quickly. Therefore, the use of an automated SHEV system is to be highly recommended.


  • Atria
  • Car parks
  • Commercial & offices
  • Health & hospitals
  • Hotels & leisure
  • Industrial & warehousing
  • Residential & domestic
  • Retail & shopping centers